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Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine
Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine
Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine
Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine
Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine
Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine

Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech is one of the toppest manufacturers of Micro Blood Collection Tube machine in China.During these years of exporting , Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech now has rich experience in the worldwide markets


Brief introduction

Micro blood collection tube serves as easy to collect blood form fingertip, earlobe or heel in neonates and pediatric patients. IVEN micro blood collection tube machine streamlines operations by allowing the automatic processing of the tube loading, dosing, capping and packing. It improves workflow with a one-piece micro blood collection tube production line and requires few personnel operate.

Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine by shanghai iven pharmatech

Micro Blood Collection Tube Machine by shanghai iven pharmatech

Our advantage

1. High degree of automation -- fully automatic assembly operation, reasonable optimization and integration of operation process, automatic capping to finished product output. The whole production line only needs 1-2 skilled operators to meet the production requirements;

2. High production efficiency, turntable type continuous production design, adjustable speed, 4000-8000 pieces per hour. High stability, motor drive, mechanical linkage.
3. High degree of human-machine dialogue -- humanized station design, humanized human-machine interface program design, display multi-function alarm and auxiliary troubleshooting;
4. Process control, quality control - material shortage detection, dosing action detection, drying temperature detection, cap in place detection, missing cap detection and other detection, etc. Each process is tested and controlled, high qualified rate;
5. The dosing system is precise in dosing, and dosing the corresponding products in a targeted manner. The atomizing and dosing station is equipped with ultrasonic automatic cleaning nozzle function.
6. Ultrasonic automatic cleaning nozzle, and designed with a drying function, you can set the cleaning frequency according to process requirements, no need to clean the nozzle manually. (Atomizing and dosing station)
7. SUS304 material sheet metal, frame and door sheet adopt nano processing, steel structure frame, high rigidity and shock absorption welded steel structure frame.

Configuration description


AIRTAC cylinder, solenoid valve, shangshun cylinder and other pneumatic components are used to ensure stable operation and long life.

Electrical appliances

Original Schneider (France) electrical appliances, Omron (Japan) and Leuze (Germany) testing originals, Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC, Siemens (Germany) man-machine interface, Panasonic (Japan) servo motor.

Dosing device

American FMI ceramic metering pump, domestic precision ceramic injection pump. (the plan has only one dosing station).

Main components

The material is made of stainless steel sheet metal, the frame and door are nano-processed, the steel structure frame, high-quality aluminum alloy, stable and reliable and easy to clean, in line with GMP requirements.



Applicable tube specification

Flat bottom micro tube. (based on the samples provided, four sets)

Production capacity

5500 pieces / hour

Dosing method and precision

2 nozzles FMI ceramic quantitative pump (air atomization) ± 6% (calculation base 10µL)

Drying method

1 group, "PTC" heating, hot air drying

Power supply

380V / 50HZ


Assembly line ~ 6 KW

Clean compressed air pressure


Air consumption

<300L / min, air inlet G1 / 2, air pipe Ø12

Equipment dimension: length, width and height

3000 (+ 1000) * 1200 (+ 1000) * 2000 (+ 300 alarm light) mm