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Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line
Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line
Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line

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Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line Process
Brief Introduction
Glass bottle IV solution production line is mainly used for IV solution glass bottle of 50ml~500ml cleaning, filling, stoppering, capping etc. It can be used for the production of glucose, antibiotic, amino acid, fat emulsion, nutrient solution and biological agents and other liquids etc.

Main Features
1.    Bottle washing machine adopts new design, rough cleaning adopts the same direction for bottle input and output, saving operators and machine space.
2.    Bottle output from rough and fine washing machine adopts twice bottle receiving, avoiding bottle reversal and broken.
3.    Bottle washing machine uses intermittent rinsing, avoiding cross contamination caused by continuous rinsing.
4.    Bottle input adopts the combination of bottle hook and guide plate, making the bottle input reliable and no bottle reversal.
5.    Washing water can be recycled and filtered, reduce water consumption.
6.    Filling adopts time and constant current theory; filling quantity can be adjusted by computer with high accuracy.
7.    No bottle no filling, can realize CIP/SIP.
Technical Parameters
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Model BPY50/500-120 BPY50/500-200 BPY50/500-300 BPY50/500-600
Applied Bottle Size 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml
Production Capacity 80-120 Bottle/min 120-200 Bottle/min 200-300 Bottle/min 300-600 Bottle/min
Electric Capacity 35KW 37KW 45KW 55KW
Compressed Air Consumption 4³/h (0.6MPa) 5³/h (0.6MPa) 6³/h (0.6MPa) 7³/h (0.6MPa)
Water Consumption Tap water: 200ml/bottle  Purified water: 80ml/bottle
Injection water: 120ml/bottle 0.2MPa
Overall Size(mm) 17800×6000×2300 19000×6000×2300 24000×7000×2300 24000×7000×2300