Experienced supplier of Prefilled-Syringe Machine
Prefilled-Syringe Machine
Prefilled-Syringe Machine
Prefilled-Syringe Machine

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  • Features
  • Parameters
• Accurate filling, controlling bubble during plugging. Automatic operation with monitoring all the way. Beside normal liquid, also suitable for filling transparent viscous liquid like ester acid.
• 5 syno filling nozzle. 4 sets of servo motors(YASUKAWA, Japan) for accurate filling, plugging reliability and accurate row by row moving during filling operation.
• S/S rotating pump. Filling volume set-up and accuracy tuning are operated on touch-screen without any tool.
• SIEMENS color touch screen. Real time monitoring and display of each operating status, vacuum pressure, nitrogen pressure, C/A pressure, fault alarm with position indication, fault indication and record. Multi-languages display.
• Plugging quality is monitored with MVS(machine vision system), to ensure higher acceptability(Option).
• Process parameters can be timely printed, stored and retrievable.
• All contact parts are made of SUS 316L and medical silicon rubber. Machine is coated with SUS 304 and 6061 oxidated aluminum alloy.

It is used to automatically pre-fill pre-sterilized syringe(SCF type) made by BD, BG, SCHOTT and major Chinese supplier with the following processes: syringe nest-tub feeding, paper-cover opening/throwing, vacuum filling, vacuum plugging and nest-tub outfeeding.

Customer-designed is optional for other types of syringes.
Technical Parameters
Production Capacity 2000-3500Syringes/Hour
Filling Volume 0.1-0.5ml,0.5-3ml, 3-10ml, 10-30ml
Filling Nozzle 5 sets
X Travel Distance 900mm
Printer Hot-sensible printing, width 56mm, max.20 letters per line
Machine Vision System Resolution(Option) 752*480dpi
Vacuum Level 0- -98Kpa(0- -750mmHG)
Nitrogen 1Kg/cm²,0.1m³/min, 0.25u
Compressed Air 6Kg/cm²,0.35m²/min
Power Supply 380V/220V, 50-60Hz, 5.5KW, 3P(Incl.vacuum pump)
Dimension 3050 x 1600 x 1900MM(L x W x H)
Machine Weight 950Kgs