Shanghai IVEN has more than 10 years experience on turnkey project in Pharmaceutical field

• The highlights of the design proposal are not prominent, the layout is unreasonable.

• The deepen design is not standardized, the implementation is difficult.

• The progress of the design program is out of control, the construction schedule is endless.

• The quality of the equipment can not be known until failed to work.

• It is hard to estimate the cost till lose money.

• Wast a lot of time on visiting suppliers, communicating the design proposal and construction management, compare one after another again and again.

Shanghai IVEN has more than 10 years experience on turnkey project in Pharmaceutical field

• As a professional team has more than 10 years experiences and accumulated resources in the Pharmaceutical industry, the vast majority of procurement of products are good quality, Competitive price, high cost effective and profitable.

• With professional control system and quality assurance, our design and construction complied to FAD, GMP, ISO9001 and 14000 quality system standards, The equipment are very durable and can generally use more than 15 years.(Stainless steel products available for more than 20 years)

• Our design team led by many senior experts in the Pharmaceutical industry with the outstanding technical ability, skilled in deepening, details strengthening, Fully guarantee the effective implementation of the project.

• With careful calculation, rational planning and cost accounting specialized systematization, scale management and optimize the construction cost of labor, thus ensure the enterprises have a good profit.

• With the professional service team support online and offline in multi -language, such as: in English, Russian, Spanish, French, ect, thus ensure high quality and efficient service.

• More than 10 years experiences on turnkey project in Pharmaceutical field with very strong technical skills of installation and construction, the projects complied to the FDA, GMP and the European Union and other verification.

Shanghai IVEN has more than 10 years experience on turnkey project in Pharmaceutical field

• Central Asia

In five Central Asian countries, most of pharmaceutical products are imported from foreign countries, not mention to injection infusion. After several years of hard work, we have already helped them get out of the trouble one after another. In Kazakhstan, we built a large integration pharmaceutical factory which includes two Soft Bag IV-Solution Production Lines and four Ampoules Injection Production Lines.

In Uzbekistan, we built a PP Bottle IV-Solution Pharmaceutical Factory, which can produce 18 million of bottle annually. The factory not only brings them considerable economic benefit but also gives the local people tangible benefits on pharmaceutical treatment.

• Russia

In Russia, although the pharmaceutical industry commenced earlier, both equipment and technology are still old-fashioned. After multiple visits for European equipment and comparing different Chinese suppliers, the largest Injection Solution Pharmaceutical Manufacturer chose us to do the PP bottles IV-Solution Project in the end, which can produce 72 million of PP bottle per year.

• Africa

Africa with large population, in which pharmaceutical industry base remains weak, need more concern. Currently, we are building a Soft Bag IV-Solution Pharmaceutical Factory in Nigeria, which can produce 20 million of soft bag per year. We would continue constructing more high-class pharmaceutical factories in Africa, and we wish that the local people in Africa can get tangible benefit by using the safe pharmaceutical products of home manufacture.

• Middle East

For Middle East, the pharmaceutical industry is just at starting stage, but they have been referring to USA FDA with most advanced idea and highest standard to supervise their medicines quality and pharmaceutical factories. One of our customers from Saudi Arabia issued an order to us for doing the whole Soft Bag IV-Solution Turnkey Project for them, which can produce more than 22 million of soft bag yearly.

In other Asian countries, pharmaceutical industry has lay foundation, but it is still not easy for them to build a high-quality IV-Solution factory. One of our Indonesian customers also, after rounds of selection, chose us, who process strongest comprehensive strength, to construct a high-class IV-Solution Pharmaceutical Factory in their country. The project is now in progress.

Shanghai IVEN has more than 10 years experience on turnkey project in Pharmaceutical field

Iven provides integrated engineering solution for worldwide pharmaceutical and medical factory include the clean room, auto-control and monitoring system, pharmaceutical water treatment system, solution preparing and conveying system, filling and packing system, automatic logistics system, quality control system and central laboratory and etc. According to the pharmaceutical industry's regulatory requirements of different countries and customer's individual demand, IVEN carefully customizes engineering solutions of turnkey project and help our customers win the high reputation and status in the filed of pharmaceutical industry at home.

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